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Wow. It has been over a month since my last post. I, am being a bad blogger. But, part of the reason I started a new blog was to escape the blogger guilt trap. You know, when you get so caught up in life stuff that you completely stop posting about life stuff on your blog. And then regular readers start to worry, and comment. Enter the guilt. Having no regular followers (that I don’t speak to or otherwise communicate with on an almost daily basis anyway) really frees a person up from the ol’ guilt trap.

On the other hand, I started another blog because I enjoy blogging, and once you start a blog its only good form to keep posting on it regularly. Crap. Looks like I don’t need regular followers for a healthy dose of guilt.

Guilt aside! I presently have an ENTIRE WEEK OFF, and I plan to update any who dare to enter, or care to read, on every painstaking detail of the (slightly over) one month that I have been silent. Every detail that I can remember anyway. Its been a long, event-full (slightly over) one month.

To start, part of the reason I haven’t been blogging in my spare time (i.e. time I am doing things not related to important things I probably *should* be doing) is because it takes a certain amount of mental energy and actual attention to what I am sharing with the world. Frankly, that is just more than I am responsibly capable of lately.

Therefore, instead of blogging, I’ve been doing various crafty things. Which is also fun and relaxing, but presents no real danger of being expelled, imprisoned, flamed, or experiencing a total career meltdown if I accidentally eff it up. Witness a few of my efforts below:

Now I have an entire book shelf full of picture frames, signs, and jewelry boxes. And a sink and treadmill full of paintbrushes, paints, paper plates, and wooden plaques in various states of paint crust. Christmas gifts, check, but unless I’m changing careers soon, the craft madness has got to stop.

Back, to the blog……..

Postscript: O Dear God. I am also SO behind on my blogroll. If anyone else is pregnant, I am officially scheduling a Level 5 freak out.


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  1. I like blog post here life keeps a lot of busy I was wondering one thing your blog is Nurse MD. Are you a nurse in real life be-leave me I’m raising my two teenage daughters and they have kept the doctors ,and nurses busy over the years I know some peoples lives are more busy then others good blog post. Don’t worry if you don’t have followers they will come in time keep posting keep us up to date don’t worry a lot of bloggers fall behind sometimes

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