Me: “How pathetic is it that I’ve subconsciously started to consider ‘Offers Free Food’ as a real selling point for residency programs?”

My brother [in uncharacteristically sincere, pleading tones]: “Will you send me some?”

Me: “………………Okay. So apparently the only thing more pathetic than me considering Free Food as a major selling point of my future residency training program is you. Asking that question.”

~ A classic exchange while on the Interview Trail.

I actually submitted my Rank Order List (ROL) two weeks ago. I really don’t have any sage advice to offer regarding how to make your list. Mostly because I completely ignored the standard, pervasive “Rank programs according to which places you really liked the best, where you liked the people the best, where you can really see yourself, which place you had the best feeling about, blah, blah, blah, yadda, yadda, yadda, etc, etc” advice.

Instead, it came down to cold, hard ranking programs according to their ability to get me where I want to go in my future career. Which is potentially a fellowship and eventually working in academic medicine. Luckily, the programs at the top of my list should easily get me where I want to go, and I actually liked them, the people, and darn it, I feel good about them. Yay me.

Now. If you do really want some sage and otherwise fantabulous advice about 4th year in general, including how to schedule your fourth year and electives, how to rock your interviews, and make The World’s Greatest ROL, I suggest you check out the AAMC’s Careers in Medicine website which your med school should provide you access to.

I suggest you set to plundering this veritable gold mine of resources for med school, and 4th year in particular, well BEFORE 4th year. Unlike yours truly, who stumbled on it after I had finished interviewing when I was desperately Googeling for help in making my ROL. Seriously, look at it now and avoid all the anguish, regret, and gnashing of teeth.

See. I told you. Gold Mine. Commence plundering.


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