On a lighter note, here is some Awesome Stuff…….

In an effort to shake off the lingering bitterness from that last post (I know, rant much Nurse, MD?), and to stay awake after another (much less event-full, Thank God) night shift until I have to go and walk my neighbor’s dog I have created a list of Awesome Stuff.

Just for you.

Because you are reading my blog, and for me, that is awesome (Thanks!).

#1. Pickles, The Etsy Hat Model

Seriously, just look at this guy.

For more Pickles pictures click here. (Come on, you know you want to.)


#2. Gifts that give back.

I was recently searching for the perfect birthday gift for one of my very Awesome friends who has the most giving-est of natures. I searched for hours and stumbled on several Awesome websites that offer gifts ranging from vaccines, to stock animals, to educational support, to soccer balls, etc to be donated to areas and people in need around the world. And you can give in the name of someone you wish to designate, if you wish to designate. In the far reaches of my mind I think I knew that programs like this existed, but really, I had no idea. For this particular friend, I can think of no better gift to them than helping another person in need. If you happen to find yourself looking to give a truly meaningful gift to a giver, or just to give (because giving is Awesome), I highly recommend the following links:


St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Save the Children


#3. Tall Fuzzy Socks

Weirdness factor be d*mned. I’d wear them 24/7 if I had enough of them.

It's like my lower legs are in soft, fuzzy cocoons of Awesomeness!


#4. Funny British Animal Voiceovers

Everything is funnier (and more Awesome) with a British accent. Especially wild animals.


#5. Pretty much everything on The Oatmeal

Because Awesome has a Dark Side.


#6. My Brother

Who turned my frown upside down (i.e. made me laugh so hard I had vanilla latte running out of my nose) with this email after I regaled him with my not-so-Awesome mandatory graduation attendance woes:

Well, after 12+ years of school just look at this as your final exam. If you can’t make up a reasonable bullsh*t excuse by now then maybe you aren’t ready to graduate. I would go with the classic “my brother has rectal necrotizing fasciitis and will be having his bowel reconstruction surgery that weekend. They will be putting in a donor rectum and extensive therapy is required to relearn control of the area”. Please attach my contact information so they can follow up for additional details.

p.s. I will make it VERY DETAILED!

p.p.s. Fournier gangrene – aka my taint fell off. That should work!

Yes ladies and gents. In the sibling department, I have been truly blessed.


#7. (Back to the, er, Lighter Side of Awesome) This Song

Which, along with a phone call from my dad, I can count on to keep me awake every time I drive home from a night shift on a Sunday morning.


#8. Crafting For Charity

While searching for the above mentioned birthday gift, I also found This Site. Which combines the Awesomeness of crafting (which if you have not yet discovered the Zen that is making stuff with your hands and pretty much any sort of raw materials, I suggest you set out to do so immediately, because my friend, you are missing out on a lot of Awesome), with the Amazingness of giving to equal UberAwesome.

*Bonus Awesome: Think you can’t craft? You, are mistaken. If you are still reading at this point, you are probably already pretty Awesome and, personally, I really don’t want you to miss out on a chance to add to that. Witness Craftster.org for unlimited inspiration.


#9. The 2012 Sasquatch Music Festival

Four Years of Med School: $200,000+ in student loans.

Finally Attending Sasquatch before I head off to residency: Awesome.

If you can’t travel but wish to share in the Awesome check out the continuous music on the Sasquatch website or the Sasquatch playlist on Spotify.


Okay, didn’t quite make it to 10, but really, that is a whole lot of Awesome for one post. And Tiger has to tinkle.