QOD: Impatient.

Attending [exasperated]: “You know you are probably going to have to treat men at some point in your career.”

Me [mentally]: Not if I can help it pal. Not if I can help it.

~ In clinic last week, after I (innocently) suggested that perhaps the patient didn’t want me to be in the room for their (prostate) exam.


I can’t help it. Ever since I gave in chose OB/GYN as My Very Own Specialty, I mostly just want to be doing OB/GYN. Since I long ago maxed out on and finished all the OB/GYN rotations I scheduled this year I’ve tried (really I have) to be game for all the rest of the rotations I’ve been on and all that they entail. Being game is getting more difficult by the day. Especially when there are prostates involved (as it pretty much my goal to get through the rest of medical school, and the rest of my life, with never, ever personally checking another prostate).

Apparently, my impatience beginning to show.

I’d feel worse if it wasn’t so obvious how anyone who isn’t an OB/GYN, or an OB/GYN nurse thinks I’m frigging insane/have made the biggest mistake of my life by choosing to go into OB/GYN. By obvious, I mean at this point I can expect a standard set of responses when someone asks what specialty I’ve chosen to go into. Witness:

Person who is not an OB/GYN or OB/GYN Nurse: “Sooooo, Nurse, MD what are you going to go into?”

Me: “I’m going into OB/GYN.” [Yippppeeee!!!]

Standard Response Choices:

a) [Incredulous throat clearing] Well, you must like getting sued and/or paying lots of money for malpractice insurance.
b) [Satirical Snort] You must not like sleep very much.
c) [Gasp, jaw dropping look of breathless horror, on exhale] Whhhhhhhhy???!
d) [Quickly looking away and avoiding all further eye contact] Uncomfortable silence.
e) Ha ha ha ha ha Good one!! Oh…I mean…….Uncomfortable silence.
f) They cut to the chase, and just try to change my mind.
e) Some combination of all of the above.

So, I might not especially care for checking prostates, anything to do with colonoscopies, psych evals, or pediatrics in general, but other people really don’t like OB/GYN. Well, every single day I’m not doing OB/GYN, these other specialties just remind me how awesome it is. For example, if you do OB/GYN:

  1. It is a specialty wide enough to be endlessly interesting and challenging, but not completely overwhelming.
  2. People will be less inclined to pester you in public with their health problems.
  3. Pregnancy and the vast majority of gynecologic complaints are not catching.
  4. NO colonoscopies.
  5. NO prostates.
  6. Clinic time, but also, delivering babies, c-sections, Gyn surgeries, procedures, procedures, and more procedures.
  7. The option to wear scrubs. A lot.
  8. A wide variety of tantalizing career and subspecialty options.
  9. Fewer drug seekers and other chronically ill, frustratingly heartbreaking unhelpables.
  10. You get to work with women. Who, as a general rule, are more inclined to schedule regular appointments, show up for them, follow your instructions, and be awesome. (Pregnant ladies and LOL’s. Nuff said.)
  11. You have the chance to really affect another person’s life. 90% of the time it is the Happiest Specialty On Earth and you can help make one of the most important days in a person’s life the best it can possibly be. The other 10% you are there for one of the worst days in a person’s life and you have the chance to step up and do everything you can to be there for them, doing everything you can to help them through it.
  12. You also have the option of advocacy and a real chance at changing women’s health and medicine for the better on personal, national, and global basis.
  13. I could keep going. Like forever. Personal biases aside, do you see why I can’t wait for residency?????

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  1. Again you are too kind ABB. I just feel so darn lucky to have found the specialty I am really passionate and excited about. I am hoping and crossing my fingers that you will have the same experience. I can’t wait to read about it when you do!

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