F is for……


I finally just finished and submitted the giant, 11-page, pain in my youknowwhat, research paper that has been a pox on my general existence and scant free time (any free time that I wasn’t using to, you know, blog) for the last month. This past week in particular as I realized on Tuesday that it was due this Friday (i.e. now), not next Friday as I had blissfully assumed. Whoops.

What do you mean its due THIS Friday????

Whatever. It’s done now, signed, sealed, and submitted. And hopefully, not a totally rushed pile of incoherent crap.

Finished!!!!!!!!! (Part 2)

As of 5 o’clock today, I have also officially finished another non-OB/GYN rotation, putting myself one step closer to graduation and residency where I will (hopefully) never have to do another non-OB/GYN rotation. At least not one this long. Where I can’t sneak away occasionally to deliver a baby or something. Which is totally what I am planning on doing on this next non-OB/GYN rotation.

My passion for parturition will not be denied! Mwahahahahahaha.....


As long as I’m on the topic of OB/GYN, I mentioned in a previous post how most non-OB/GYN physicians react with anything from all-knowing amusement to abject horror when I tell them what specialty I’ve chosen. Others, choose a subtler approach, like my (now former, and still actually very nice) attending did today. Warning me gently, in the form of OB/GYN horror stories gathered from colleagues, various media outlets, and personal experience over the years, then randomly inserted into conversations about stuff like metabolic imbalances…..

“Speaking of hyponatremia, did I ever tell you about the time I saw a TV show about how OB/GYNs who deliver babies with cerebral palsy end up getting sued into insanity?”

I finally had to bluntly ask them to stop talking about it because they were scaring the h*ll out me.

Frankly, I am well aware that I am about to enter a medical specialty where Bad Things will happen, and even if they are not my fault, it is not a question of if I will get sued, but when. And yes, it sort of terrifies me. Click HERE to read an excellent post by Dr. Grumpy that illuminates why/how it is so horrible to be sued as a physician (quote: “It kicks the sh*t out of you.”).

That being said, I have chosen to go into OB/GYN because I love it. Every single thing about it. And it is the only medical specialty (and I have sampled pretty much all of them) where I can say that, and feel 100% sure about it. One thing I love about it, that allowed me to make the choice to be an OB/GYN, is that it is a fairly specialized field where I can have a modicum of confidence in my ability to consistently practice in accordance with standards of care and the latest in evidence-based medicine. (Hang on all you generalists out there, I’m not saying you can’t! Just that if I did what you do I don’t think I could. Yeesh.) At least I’m going to try my d*amndest to do that, and if I do, well then, I’ve done my best and everything I can do. So be it.

And that’s what lets me sleep at night, knowing what I’m getting myself into. But I’m still scared. So, please, save the (admittedly, probably well meant but still terrifying) horror stories. My own imagination will suffice.

And, last but not least……


I finally have a weekend off!! And instead of cleaning my house, which looks like a pack of of squatters (who shed, a lot) moved in, or my car, which looks like I’ve been living in it while I sub-lease to squatters, I am……blogging!

At least for the next few minutes until I get ready to finally catch The Artist on the big screen. After which I will continue to happily, blatantly ignore the sad, unhygienic state of my affairs and head out of town to catch a concert. Hooray!!!!!!!

Okay, after that I will probably come back and clean. Lots and lots of cleaning. But until then, I am Freeeeeeeee!!!!!!

Have a great weekend everybody!