“When he sticks his finger up my @ss, I’ll prove I should be the star of Our Town!”

~ Mike Birbiglia, “There’s something in my bladder”

I was hunched over the steering wheel at 6 am this morning driving to the hospital, peering through the two square inches of windshield I’d grudgingly scraped, and cursing the endless winter (snow is cute and all at first, but when it lasts this long, I just get angry)  when I heard Birbigs on the radio. I’m pretty sure it’s the first time I’ve ever laughed before my first cup of coffee and/or 10 am.

Make that very sure.

I started a nice, new, more “flexible” rotation today. [Note: “Flexible” in 4th year roughly translates to “Time For Naps.”] On this rotation, we spend time rounding and are then left to our own devices to study a chosen learning issue to present the next day.

Naturally, since I’m new to this, instead of The Mature Choice (i.e. studying Learning Issue right after rounds), I chose to nap. [Note: Don’t judge. I’ve almost finished four years of med school while continuing to work most weekends as a nurse. I am really tired. Plus, I had an awesome dream where I was totally rocking at karaoke, which is absolutely only feasible in a dream. Totally worth it.]

Which means, I have to spend all night studying and not blogging so I don’t look like a total ding dong tomorrow. I may have Senioritis, but not bad enough that I don’t care about looking like ding dong. Plus, it’s kind of fun to actually have protected study time again. [Note: I can’t believe it, but it’s true. I like learning. Mostly just about medical stuff. And random historical stuff and art. But not The Maths. Never The Maths. Explains a lot.]

Hahahahahahaahahaa....No seriously, I have no idea why this is funny.

That's more like it.


On my way to the study cave I listened to this week’s podcast from The Moth. Surprise! It was Birbigs again. Telling a story about being a patient. The only thing better than Birbigs just riffing is Birbigs riffing on health care……..

Get the rest of the story at The Moth. And while you’re at it just subscribe to their podcast. So good. For reals.

And now I’m going to study. For reals.