Weekly Wrap-Up: Awesome Edition.

It was another quiet (it’s okay, I can say that now that I’m safely clocked out) night at Mayberry General last night. Just a few simple ER’s and highly independent in-patients, leaving time for lots of list making. Because after I finally sucked it up and ripped into my (Ginormous) pre-residency packet and another lengthy search for potential housing options, that is what I ended up with. Long lists of Crap I Have To Do. (Though I did manage to seriously simplify the Moving List by just putting “sell everything before I move and just buy new stuff when I get there.” Which sounds much less crazy when you compare it with spending two grand to rent a U-Haul to move approximately $300 worth of Goodwill furniture. It does to me anyway.)

Satisfied that my long lists of Crap I Have To Do were proof enough that I had accomplished Something Constructive, I (quickly) started compiling a list of Awesome Stuff to post here to end the week on an Awesome Note (and, you know, before I could get all neurotic about all the Crap I Have To Do).

So, without further ado, here is Awesome Stuff, just for you. (Sorry, sleep deprivation makes me rhyme.)

1. Everything by This Chick, aka Gemma Correll. She has a pug named Mr. Norman Pickles. Nuff said.

Gemma's website is an Alternate Universe of Awesome. Stumbling into it, Best Happy Accident of my week.


2. The soundtrack of ‘Young Adult’. Don’t get me wrong, I love Charlize as much as the next appreciator of Fine Actresses Everywhere, but I thought she was (completely) wrong for the part. Personally, I expected more from this writer/director duo (after ‘Juno’, c’mon). But on the Awesome side (as a child of the 90’s), there was the music.

3. 1000 Awesome things. Because, I know some dude was trying to cheer himself up, but he ended up cheering all of us up too.

And Golldarnint, it really is Awesome.

4. UNICEF cards. I posted awhile ago about Gifts That Give Back. I ended up getting matching Hope For Haiti necklaces for my givingest of buds and I (because 100% of the profits go to help Haiti, and because we’re BFF’s ‘n stuff) and a UNICEF birthday card. I found the card at Barnes & Noble, and when I read the back, that the proceeds from the card (and all the cards) go to purchase emergency supplies, food, medicine, vaccines, etc for children in need all over the world, I vowed I would never give a non-UNICEF card ever again.

They're gorgeous, and they save children? How could I?

5. Red pandas. Doing pretty much anything. See below.

6. Celebrities (who you would never expect to be reading children’s books) reading children’s books.

(Or, my actual favorite, Samuel L. Jackson reading Go The F*ck to Sleep. It’s the bleeped version. I can’t help it. It’s hilarious.)

7. And, if that’s not enough awesome for you, here’s The Awesomer: Awesome Stuff. I’m going to bed. And hopefully, I’m going to get up, and actually get to see the Hunger Games movie tonight. It was sold out on Friday. Which never happens here. Basketball tournament. D*mn kids.

Here’s to a more Awesome Week than last week. (More on that later.)



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