Soul Food

I was super grumpy when I set off for work last night.

I had gone over to The Writer’s in the morning after another busy night shift, hoping for a more decent quantity of quality sleep than I’ve been getting at home. Because, since I started working (pretty much) full-time nights until I head off for residency, the hound has decided that her job while I’m trying to sleep during the day, is finding new and exciting ways of waking me up every two hours. Such as, curling up all cute-like right next to the head of the bed and passing rank “I like to eat garbage, lots and lots of garbage” gas right in my face until I wake up gagging, or, patiently, persistently licking whatever exposed part of my body happens to be hanging over the edge of the mattress (face, hand, foot, knee, elbow) until I wake up yelling incoherently.

I snuggled down into the man cave that is The Writer’s basement apartment/dungeon yesterday morning, after eating enough McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches to feed seven post-nighter RN’s and two Tylenol PM’s, anticipating at least six, solid hours of dog-free snoozing. And then, I heard the tribe of big-footed pygmies(?) that has apparently moved in upstairs stampeding across the ceiling. And then stampeding back. And then back again, until they broke into some sort of unholy Riverdance routine (?).

Personally, I thought I showed remarkable restraint by tolerating this racket for the three minutes and 14 seconds the Tylenol PM kept me drowsy enough to tolerate it. And then I very (very) huffily got the H*ll out of there and went back home. Where the dog let me get a whole three hours of sleep before I headed back to work again.

Super. Grumpy.

On the way to work I had to drop the hound off at my friend’s farm where she will be living while I am living at the hospital during intern year, for a ‘sleep over’ to see if she can actually manage to behave herself on a farm. The GPS took me the back way to the farm, and pretty soon I was driving like I stole it down dirt roads. I couldn’t help but notice how brightly the sun was shining, how startlingly blue the sky was, smattered here and there with fluffy white clouds, and how verdantly green the countryside was after recent rain showers.

Next thing I knew, I had the windows down, the radio cranked up and I was relaxed back into my bucket seat with a huge smile on my face, singing along with Bob Seger, reveling in the view.

Bobbin’ dog approved view.



I might be a little bit older and a lot less bolder, and weary when the work day’s done, but nothing fails to feed my soul and pump me up again like driving fast on the back roads and losing myself in the music and the countryside.

Here are a few images I’ve collected from other recent sojourns, so that I never forget.