I have been totally lax on posting QOD’s.

Not that there has been any lack of them considering that I work in Gynecology, and I speak to my brother (i.e. Best Source Of Quotables Ever, who I highly suspect will/should have a sitcom some day based entirely on sh*t he has said, ala Sh*t My Dad Says) at least once a week.

So, here a few recents I haven’t been able to get out of my head (no matter how hard I try):

“Just take the hair off where you’re going to put the patches. You’re not manscaping anyone here people.”

“If they have a nitro patch on, take it off and throw it away. If they have a fentanyl patch on, take it off, and put it on (demonstrates slapping patch securely onto left bicep). This is a stressful situation.”

– ACLS Instructor. Much like flight attendants, I enjoy an ACLS instructor with a sense of humor. And anyone who can maneuver the word “manscaping” into a conversation.


“Just say “I came here to deliver babies and chew bubblegum. And I’m all out of bubblegum.””

– Words of encouragement from my brother. Told you.


Virtually anything from Text From Dog. Witness:


And lastly,

My kind of optimism.


2 thoughts on “QOD

  1. Your ACLS instructor sounds significantly more entertaining than mine. Mine made individual voices for people in the scenario who would do things like yell, “ow” if you shocked conscious people without sedation. Not as fun as “manscaping.”

    • Ha ha….yeah, this person was one of those been there, done that (at least twice), dry-as-a-popcorn-fart sense of humor seasoned medics. Watching them boredly ignore the occasional verbal volleys from the peanut gallery (i.e. the rest of their crew), also highly entertaining.

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