The Good, The Bad, and The Plaid……..

After my last experience on L&D call, I was really starting to worry that the atmosphere in all Big City Hospitals was a level of stress, panic, chaos, and speeds I would only associate with a  Disaster of Grey’s Anatomy proportions, or, an imminent Zombie Apocalypse. Because after I related my experience to one of the other interns, they shrugged and told me the place reminded them of where they trained, in another Big City, and that I just needed to develop a “thicker skin.”

I have been super busy at work many, many times before, and I’ve dealt with numerous critical and highly stressful situations. However, where I’m from you just don’t deal with that by freaking out and running around like your @ss is on fire, thereby freaking out everyone around you, thereby creating a general air of chaotic desperation. That, is not how we roll in the wilds of Middle America. That is not how I prefer to approach work, like ever, in any place.

Well, I had my second night on L&D call at one of the other hospitals we do Obstetrics at, and it was, Ohhhhhh a GAGILLION times better than the other place. Not that it wasn’t busy, not that I didn’t work straight through all of the 12 hours I was there, not that I didn’t have to figure out a new EMR system (any many, many other things), and occasionally feel like a ding dong – I totally expected all of these things, no big.

The major difference was that everyone I worked with was completely laid back no matter what happened, and the majority even had a sense of humor (!!!).

Thank. God.

Apparently, I may not be a totally underprepared hillbilly. While some places in the Big City may be going Plaid at all times and I’m just going to have to learn to suck it up, while not getting sucked into the madness when I’m there, I will also be in places where hard work is undertaken with a deep breath, organization, (at least a thin veneer of) serenity, and the occasional well-timed witticism.

The bad news is, my next rotation is L&D back at Ludicrous Speed General…………

I see Plaid in my future. Lots and lots of Plaid…….