New Year’s Resolutions….Or….Yes, I *am* still alive.

I’m not really into New Year’s Resolutions. All that “Losing Weight!” or “Exercising!” or “Not Getting Arrested For Public Urination!” or whatever. Meh. #1 – Sounds exhausting, and #2 – You probably know you should be doing (or not be doing) whatever it is you feel like resolving about anyway, so just do your best to do it (or not do it), and when you don’t do it (or do), you don’t feel that much worse about it.

That being said.

When I thought about resolutions this year or heard other peoples’ resolutions (50 push ups a day? Yeahhhhh. How about 50 push ups in 2013? Like, all year. Wait. Nope. Still wouldn’t do it. Not even kidding myself.), I couldn’t help but think of one thing I’d like to do.

Well, *Blog More*, obviously.

I have been a bad, bad blogger. I blame residency. At this point, I pretty much blame residency for everything. (Global warming? Residency. No clean underwear? Residency. Republicans? Residency. Leg hair so long I could braid it? Residency. I could go on, and on….)

In my defense, the last five months would have gone something like this….Omg! Residency is soooo haaaard hoo hoo hoo!l!! and Omg! Why?? Whhhhy am I putting myself throooough this??!! and Omg! Screw this, I want to go hooooome!!!! Hoo hoo hoooooooo!!! and Omg! I wish those four idiot undergrad boys who live above me and feel the need to orchestrate a Giant Rave Partay every other night until 2 am would get eaten by a grizzly bear or spontaneously combust from the sheer power of my hatred for them!!! and Okay, it was actually pretty fun to deliver that baby and maybe I don’t completely hate my life (at this second).

You get the picture.

Nobody wants to hear that crap. Heck, even *I* don’t want to hear that crap. From my own self. So I have been a bad blogger, but I think, I really did everyone a favor. Kindly sparing you from all the Omg!’s and Hoo hoo hooo!!’s

You are welcome.

But I do miss blogging. And I resolve (Yes, fine, I am Resolving. Or whatever. Geesh.), to blog more. And (not gonna lie), there may be a *few* Omgs! and/or Hoo hoo hoo’s!! along the way. But, I promise, there will also be pictures. Because I do manage to sneak a little camera time in here and there when I’m not working or sleeping. (Or wishing I was sleeping while I am working. Or feeling guilty about not working when I’m doing anything else. Including sleeping.) And maybe, if they are really good, you will forgive me the occasional Residency Is So Awful But By God 300 Grand Of Debt Means I Am Going To Stick It Out Because I Really Don’t Fancy Changing My Name To Paco And Spending The Rest Of My Life Running From Sallie Mae Pity Party.

Here are some of my faves from the past few months just for putting up with that last sentence.


















Bring it 2013. I’m still alive, and it’s good to be back……..