Comfort Zones/Food

Did I mention that it is COLD here??

Appropriately enough, I heard this song on the way to work the other morning:


Which, of course, made me think of one of my all-time favorite movies:

(Just wait until I see one of my – loathsome-undergrad-party-animal – neighbors again. Morning D*ckhead! Hah.)


All the frigidity has also forced me to seek out opportunities for indoor photo expeditions. Which, while assuring my physical comfort at least, has forced me to push the boundaries of other comfort zones. I am normally a shy person, and while I might really (really) want to take pictures of the many fascinating people I regularly encounter, I would rather eat my shoe than ask them if I that’s okay.

Ironically (now that I think about it), last week I hit up a local, indoor food extravaganza for photo ops. Of course I didn’t manage to get up early enough to avoid the masses that usually crowd the place (Suuuuuure, I’ll get up at 5 am on a weekend day off. Great plan self! Paaaaahahahahahahahahahhaaaa!), but I really wanted some pictures so I went anyway.

I went, and wandered around trying to look all cool and inconspicuous with the camera hanging around my neck and my hands in my pockets (I may have been whistling, and looking way more like a Giant Weirdo than cool, judging by the occasional You Look Like A Giant Weirdo looks I was getting. Or the several people who just politely, but pointedly stepped as far away from me as possible. Mental note: No photo expeditions in airports. Ever.), until I gave up trying to look cool and just started taking pictures.

Which actually turned out to be kind of fun. Even when people actually noticed what I was doing, and talked to me (*gasp* Busted!). There was the enthusiastic, middle-aged, touristy Dad who noticed my camera and said, “Hey! Are you student? That’s why my daughter’s here taking pictures, for a class!” His daughter was like 12. And I was briefly flattered until he got a good look at me, obviously realized if I was taking pictures it was for some kind of class for Old People, and followed up with an awkward “Oh. He he…” I decided to just keep being flattered, and replied “Oh no, just for fun. He he.” Or there was the funny older dude by the pastry counter who nudged his funny old dude buddy and suggested “They must be less calories when you get them that way!,” as I snapped away at all the baked goodness. I smiled, laughed, and replied “Hah, for sure.” And (my personal favorite) “Must be some interesting bread.” Muttered behind me as I was engrossed by how entrancing the light looked hitting a certain loaf. The comment startled me out of my artistic bubble, so I whipped around (*gasp* Busted!) and just shot back a wry grin.

It was some interesting bread. I suppose, I thought later, once again, that is one of the most awesome things about being a photographer, or really any kind of artist. Normally Ordinary Things, that most would pass without a second thought, regularly catch my eye, and maybe, I think the eyes and/or minds of many artistically minded folk. And with pictures, paintings, prose, or poetry those normally Ordinary Things are transformed, elevated into something interesting, or extra-ordinary, or beautiful………..









































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