Improvising and Inspiring

I am currently in the middle of an ungodly long stretch of work days. I made the call schedule this year and one of the interns ended up with more weekends on than anyone else, and being the one who made the schedule, if anyone was going to end up with a disproportionate number of weekends, it was going to be me. Hence the current ungodly-long stretch.

Its fine actually. It means I get more time on L&D, and I knew it was coming, so I took a vacation day today, right in the middle of it, so I wouldn’t be triggering any GME investigations. Unfortunately, after my last crazy-busy week, most of my Big Day Off today consisted of me laying in bed until 5 pm eating, spooning with my cat, and finishing Gone Girl.

This kind of day off might be perfectly acceptable, warranted (and probably healthy) for most people, but I hate it. There is SO much I could be doing. Of course there is the residency-related stuff like the 10 Tons of Reading I Should Be Doing In Any Spare Second and learning an entire second language before June and getting cracking on The Research Projects, and then there is blogging and taking pictures – the two main pursuits I want to be pursuing when I’m not buried in residency-related stuff.

By the time I managed to make myself crawl out of bed, it was dark outside and I could hear the wind howling. Crap. The opposite of ideal conditions for any kind of easy, outdoor photo expeditions. And any easy, indoor expeditions I could think of require money. And enough ambition to shower, dress in something other than fuzzy, pajama-type clothing, and drive somewhere. Of which I currently have neither.

So I decided to improvise.

I recently downloaded Instagram. I really like it, because as I have mentioned previously, I see pictures everywhere, and 99% of the time I don’t have my camera with me. I usually like the quality of the pictures that I get with Instagram, and I really like the editing tools. Normally, with my real camera, I only use the editing available with the basic Windows Photo Gallery, so it’s fun to do something beyond that.

Hence, I decided to use my new toy combined with whatever I could find readily available in my apartment.

I started making note cards with some of my favorite quotes last summer when I moved away from home and one of my best friends was having a seriously difficult life situation. I couldn’t be there for her in person anymore, but I could send her love, inspiration, and (hopefully) hope in the form of these little, painstakingly written and decorated cards. I ended up making hundreds of them, and inspiring myself in the process. And at Christmas time, I sent them to all my nearest and dearest in their cards as gifts, which seemed to go over very well (of course they all know I’m basically destitute and working on the thought that counts principle at this point, there is a reason they are my nearest and dearest).

So today I decided to play with combining my new (free) toy with my two primary non-residency related pursuits. When I downloaded the pictures, honestly the results were not up to my usual pictures with a sort-of-fancy-camera standards, but here is what I got that I thought was good enough to post.

Let the inspiration begin!






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