The Daily Something: Thursday Thug Life.

Sometimes I hear a song and it’s so good, everything else stops while I listen, and I think, Where has this band been all my life??? And then I remember where I’ve been for most of my life, namely buried in the cultural deprivation tank that is deep, rural Middle America. Mostly sans the Intranet.

Looking on the bright side, which helps me feel (slightly) less lame, now that I’ve escaped to a place so ridiculously, comparatively rich in cultural, ethnic, and artistic diversity, I get to make up for all the lost time and be pretty consistently amazed with all the enthusiasm of a severely underprivileged person flipping a light switch, or eating fast food for the first time.

Today it was this song, thanks to awesome local college radio station #4. (That’s right, four local college radio stations. They play it all – Indie, Alt, Rock, Rap, Reggae, Retro, Soul, etc. Versus the four radio stations total where I came from. That all play Country, often the same song at the same time, more often than you would think is possible. Not that I have anything against Country, being a huge fan of Lucinda, Loretta, Patsy, Cross Canadian, Hank (specifically I & III), George (specifically Jones and old-school Strait), Merle, Willy, the Truckers, etc. Not they ever they played them.)

Anyway, the song. (And, Yes, I listened to the lyrics. Hayseed that I am, I like it. I like it a lot.)