The Daily Something: Gratitude.

I’m currently experiencing a spontaneous burst of gratitude. Probably, mostly, some kind of fatigue-induced euphoric state, but nice nonetheless.

I got back from my South American Medical Mission Adventure on Monday night this week and started my first rotation (and a 12 day stretch of 12-ish hour days) of second year at 0630 Tuesday morning. So, I’m a whole five days in to second year, and I’m realizing that even though I have a long (LONG) ways to go, how far I’ve already come. I keep thinking back to last year on this same rotation, when I did it at the beginning of the year, and I can’t help but realize how much more I know and how much faster, efficient and proficient I’ve gotten in the relatively short interim. And I am grateful. I am grateful for some evidence (for my ever highly skeptical and self-criticizing self) of improvement. Everybody keeps telling me that it gets easier, I’m going to make it, yadda, yadda, yadda, but tonight, I think I might actually believe them for the first time. At least a little bit.

And I’m grateful for other things as well.

For the excellent training I received at my little rural medical school, that most have no idea exists and some would probably scoff at because they have no idea how much hands on, practical experience I got with no other med students, residents, or fellows to jump in and do all the things I got to do (i.e. approximately three times more OR time first-assisting in my 3rd year of med school than my intern year). Which probably made last year go approximately ten times easier for me than if I had trained elsewhere. There is definitely something to be said for little, rural, no-name medical schools Tyvm.

And for having been a nurse before going to medical school. Which also probably made last year go exponentially easier for me, and still thankfully lets me establish a usually hard-won (and deservingly so) rapport and easy friendships with all the floor nurses and some of the patients I spend most of my time with these days.

And lastly, in addition to all those nurse buddies, I am grateful for all the great attendings I’m lucky enough to work with. I chose to come to this residency in particular based on my interactions with the attendings I met during my interview, and their down-to-earth, very straightforward, yet friendly, approachable, and enthusiastic personalities despite all the accolades and appointments (which I invariably find out about after meeting them and hopefully not completely disgracing myself) at one of the best hospital systems in the world. I am grateful that my initial impressions and instincts didn’t fail me, and that at least 97% percent of the time I am working with the best teachers, and best people, I could possibly hope for.

Especially on this rotation. Which also may be (and is probably) at least partially at fault for inducing all the gratitude euphoria as well, because it’s L&D, my own personal, very favorite of work place happy places.

Once again I wish I could stay on this rotation for the rest of residency, of course, with a few more International Medical Mission Adventures thrown in as my other most favorite of work-place happy places, wherever they may take me. I will be posting soon about my latest, but until I get through the current stretch and get some sleep, here’s a little a picture preview of the latest to kick things off………