The Daily Something: Concentration.

I developed a habit over the course of intern year of randomly texting people lolcats in spare seconds of stress, during inordinately boring meetings or lectures, and/or frankly, whenever the mood strikes.

(I have no idea, it just makes me happee. And luckily I haven’t been permanently blocked from any major calling plans for harassment. Yet.)

I was searching for the perfect lolcat to represent the fickle moods and feedback style of a certain, well-known and well-intentioned, though highly labile staffer last night to send to a fellow resident I was sure could commiserate, (i.e. got my you-know-what-chewed with a full and rapt audience of ancillary staff, once again, for L&D circumstances I am as likely to be able to control and predict as well as the next jackpot Powerball digits, and felt compelled to cope with a little lolcat humor) and in the process found this guy:




Thought #1: “Dang! Hope I don’t look that when I’m delivering somebody’s baby. How scary would it be to be all pushing your brains out and look up to see that?!?”

Thought #2: “Oh wait. I’m wearing a mask. Probably a good thing.”

Thought #3: “I think, I should probably go to bed now.”

Thought #4: However much I might be enjoying this 12-day stretch of L&D insanity/awesomeness, part of me hopes whoever thought up medical residencies and 12-day stretches is reading this post.