“Inspiration is hard to come by. You have to take it where you find it.”

– Bob Dylan

I am thinking about Inspiration today.

I don’t necessarily agree with Mr. Dylan on the first part of that quote. When I need it, when I’m looking for it, and when I’m open it to it, I find Inspiration everywhere. I posted the quote because of the second part, because Inspiration might not come in the form you expect, and you have to be able to recognize it, appreciate it, and take advantage of it when it does arise.

Like this comic by The Oatmeal:


I was randomly searching for something, anything funny to cheer my brother up this week on The Oatmeal’s site (a frequent source of material for cheering my brother and myself up, as though we share basically no phenotypical qualities, we do share the deeper, genotypical (?) highly twisted sense of humor for which The Oatmeal regularly provides perfect fodder) when I came across an ad on the site for “I believe in THE BLERCH” t-shirts.

Hrmmm…..what could The Blerch be? I wondered.

Which led to me reading the comic, and BAM, the Inspiration. Which I have been looking for, for months now, to start exercising again. Not that I am some sort of Awesome Regular Exercise Type Person. But I do like to do something that at least resembles exercise on a regular basis because it makes me feel better and I get kind of (ok, more) squirrely if I don’t.

And because some jackhole stole my (actually chained up for once, tyvm) bike early this year, that has more often not than not, been in the form of jogging. (Jogging very, very slowly mind you, but still – completely objectively – faster than a walk. So will give myself enough cred to call it “jogging,” but not going to go all crazy and call it “running.” Sorry….just had to take a little break, and actually laugh at that. No, not running. Not even close.)

All of this actually (getting to the point here, promise) led to me going on said jog today. After which I finally felt much less like this guy…….


And more like this chick…….


Please note, I actually, in reality, look nothing like her. But for approximately 2 minutes after that 30 minute jog today, I did kind of feel a little Wonder Woman-ish. And it was awesome. (Take that sedentary lifestyle! Pew pew! And that, scary call shifts! A Pew, pew, pew! Who likes endorphins?! I do! Pew!) Thanks Oatmeal!

Also, as I’ve said before, I’m frequently inspired by music. I have listened to this song……

Pretty much every morning the last 2+ weeks while hauling my sorry behind out of bed, and getting ready for another work-a-day, and it never fails to get me going. (I just listened to it again, Yep, still awesome.)

And lastly, I have been inspired to keep writing and posting more consistently by evidence that someone is actually reading, looking at my pictures, and would like to see more.

So, no saved uncropped version of the original Corn Dog Pic unfortunately Marcus, but maybe this one will do?

Corn Dogs Take 2. Mmmmmm.......

Corn Dogs Take 2. Mmmmmm…….

(And thanks for the Inspiration! :D)