Beauty and the Beholder……

Everything has beauty. Not everyone sees it.

– Confucius

Somehow I ended up with another weekend off this month, and I feel like I need to get away. To somewhere far enough away from the Big City that I feel like I’m actually getting away, but close enough that I can be back on the floor by 0600 Monday morning. So I’ve been asking around for ideas on places I can check out in area.

When I asked my brother where he thought I could go, he nixed one of my ideas, then changed his mind and said something like, “Wait. Yeah go there, it’s kind of an ugly, gritty place, but you like those places.”


I urged him to, uh, clarify and he said I seem to like places others might see as ugly and gritty. Apparently because I whenever I do have time off, I’m usually happiest spending that time taking pictures in such places.

Witness how I spent my last weekend off…….
















I had no idea I like ugly, gritty places in particular. I always thought I liked all kinds of places, and I find beautiful things (at least to me I suppose) wherever I’m at. Especially when I’ve got my camera in hand. I always assumed other people saw, and appreciated those things too.

Apparently not.

Whatever. I’m going to keep seeing beauty wherever I go, share whatever I manage to capture here, and maybe, you will see the beauty too.