Photographic Evidence

See, I do  (occasionally) leave work, and do completely non-medically-related things.

Mostly, crafty- and/or photographically-related things.

[Self high-five for being a (sort of?) Well-Rounded Individual. Stop mid-air when I realize that I spend most of the time not at work, doing non-medically-related things, talking incessantly about medically-related things. Luckily, most of the peeps accompanying me on these non-medical ventures are also medically-oriented/interested. At least they (usually) pretend to be. Thanks (sorry) guys.]


Fishy. Or "OH MY GOD IT'S DORY!!" according to the 17 preschoolers I was surrounded by.


Octopi. (Pods? Pusses? Whatever.)


"Skeeeerrrry" fishy. Again, per the preschoolers. Who's ongoing interpretation of the aquarium tour was much more entertaining than the overly enthusiastic, obviously retired tour guide's. (Sorry buddy.)


On to the butterfly enclosure, where the preschoolers were too busy being wrangled (away from butterflies) for further interpretation. Bummer.


Butterfly. Flying. Turns out they just don't get the whole 'sit still and pose for my d*mn picture' concept. Much like preschoolers.


Except for this guy. I don't know what kind of butterfly you are (still blatantly ignoring tour guide in vain hope they take their extensive bug-knowledge elsewhere, unless they know butterfly for 'Sit! Stay!'), but you are my new favorite.


Until I met this guy. (What? I am an artiste. We're fickle like that.)


Giant moth. Drying out after hatching, or molting, or whatever they do. Kind of gross, but still pretty if you don't think about it too much (P.S. thanks weirdly persistent tour guide).


Anti-predator wing camo. You win tour guide, I *guess* nature is *kind* of interesting.


Raw materials. For glass dish thingy class project. Who ever thought of taking a class to learn a craft?? I mean, when you can just eyeball something and waste countless hours and raw materials with half-@ssed attempts??


More Fun With Raw Materials (while the teach wasn't looking).


Work in progress.


(Almost) Finished Product. Which actually looks somewhat like it's supposed to. On the first try. With no crying or throwing of things. Note to self: Craft classes are the BEST.


What it's supposed to look like. Not bad right?


Another cool glass thingy creation. Which I could probably totally make now too. Because, you know, I actually took the class.


Oh yeah. Also, it appears that I matched.

Except I don’t find out where I matched until Friday.

We are not amused.

I’m trying not to think about it too much.

And on that note, back to gynecologic cancers……


Back to the blog………

Wow. It has been over a month since my last post. I, am being a bad blogger. But, part of the reason I started a new blog was to escape the blogger guilt trap. You know, when you get so caught up in life stuff that you completely stop posting about life stuff on your blog. And then regular readers start to worry, and comment. Enter the guilt. Having no regular followers (that I don’t speak to or otherwise communicate with on an almost daily basis anyway) really frees a person up from the ol’ guilt trap.

On the other hand, I started another blog because I enjoy blogging, and once you start a blog its only good form to keep posting on it regularly. Crap. Looks like I don’t need regular followers for a healthy dose of guilt.

Guilt aside! I presently have an ENTIRE WEEK OFF, and I plan to update any who dare to enter, or care to read, on every painstaking detail of the (slightly over) one month that I have been silent. Every detail that I can remember anyway. Its been a long, event-full (slightly over) one month.

To start, part of the reason I haven’t been blogging in my spare time (i.e. time I am doing things not related to important things I probably *should* be doing) is because it takes a certain amount of mental energy and actual attention to what I am sharing with the world. Frankly, that is just more than I am responsibly capable of lately.

Therefore, instead of blogging, I’ve been doing various crafty things. Which is also fun and relaxing, but presents no real danger of being expelled, imprisoned, flamed, or experiencing a total career meltdown if I accidentally eff it up. Witness a few of my efforts below:

Now I have an entire book shelf full of picture frames, signs, and jewelry boxes. And a sink and treadmill full of paintbrushes, paints, paper plates, and wooden plaques in various states of paint crust. Christmas gifts, check, but unless I’m changing careers soon, the craft madness has got to stop.

Back, to the blog……..

Postscript: O Dear God. I am also SO behind on my blogroll. If anyone else is pregnant, I am officially scheduling a Level 5 freak out.