That being said………..

While it is wonderful indeed to realize your primary passion and purpose in life, it is (maybe, okay probably) also not wise to let it completely consume you. Hence, my recent attempts on rare days or hours off to develop and maintain some sort of social life and support outside of work.

These attempts were prompted by my aforementioned realization on my last (mandated monthly) weekend off, that outside of work, I don’t know anyone here, or have any friends within a two state radius of this place.

Frankly, I’m usually just too busy at work to think of or care about stuff like this, but when I had an entire day off away from clinics and the hospital, and slowed down long enough to snap out of Work Mode, it was a sad, sad realization indeed.

Which led to an uncharacteristically non-constructive, embarrassingly long period of several hours of just laying in bed and wallowing.

When I finally did emerge from my cocoon of self-pity (mostly because I was hungry, not necessarily because I was done feeling sorry for myself), I realized it was a friggin’ beautiful day out.

And then I immediately remembered one of my other passions in life, and that I hadn’t taken a single picture in like, three weeks. Aha! I may not have friends aside from the long-distance loved ones I’ve left behind (not that you guys don’t count, really!), but until I get off my introverted @ss and make some around here, I do have Hobbies!!

I chucked my scrubs in the washing machine, and dressed up (down, whatever) in my favorite pair of shorts (ahhhhh, shorts, to feel the wind on my pasty legs again!) and comfy, raggedy random band t-shirt, grabbed my camera, and spent the rest of a lovely day indulging in one of my very favorite secondary passions.

As you can see……….