The Daily Something: Bustin’ Out All Over.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I took a vote (Amongst myself. It was unanimous.) and decided that these should be worth at least few skipped Daily Somethings.


P.S. Hello Spring!! I have been waiting (impatiently) for you!


































Sights & The City

Well I finally took the leap, and I made it to the Big City. I had a whole day to unpack and get somewhat familiarized and settled before I started orientation, which hasn’t left much time for blogging or taking pictures.

I did get a long walk in tonight though, and I have to say, for as nervous and woeful as I was to leave home and cherished friends, I LOVE the city so far! Apart from one accidental foray into an, er, rougher part of town, the Big City has been a wonderland of charming, historic, and distinct neighborhoods. Especially my neighborhood! I wandered my little district tonight while the sun set peering in the windows of whimsical shops, watching people gather at sidewalk cafes and bistros, listening to the music and basking in the savory aromas wafting from the various eateries.

Just….so lovely.

Not to mention, I’ve reconnected with long-lost family members in the area, and I even found a few completely heretofore unknown relatives living within a few miles. Hooray! I am not all alone in the Big City!

As opposed to the past many years of upheaval, constant moves, and school work, I feel strongly compelled to feather my cozy, eccentric, old hard wood floored, little nest here and make it a home. Just as I feel the urge to get out and document this city with my camera. There is so much to see here, so many photo-worthy sights, hopefully four years will be enough time to (at least somewhat) do them justice………











Oh yes! And orientation is going well too so far, aside from a few of the usual clerical snafus. It is definitely a brave new world of towering, teeming, tertiary medical facilities versus all the relatively small (to comparatively miniscule) rural clinics and hospitals I’ve worked and trained in previously. I am choosing to see it as…… an Adventure.

So, here’s to Adventure!!