The Daily Something: Random Acts of Chocolate.

I was standing in the hall in clinic today, hanging out with the nurses, waiting for our first patient of the afternoon to arrive. Now, naturally, I am partial to nurses everywhere, but I am especially fond of the ladies that work on our out-patient and in-patient GYN floors at the Mother Ship. There is just something about them, a certain unique blend of smarts, sass and heart that I find irresistibly endearing.

And, there is one that always has candy. This is something that a person who works up to 16 hours a day and may or (often) may not have had the time and/or money to eat something, quickly picks up on. Even better, she’s always willing to hook a poor, starving resident up and share it. I think I only had to ask her once, hunger completely obliterating any inhibitory shame or shyness, like a panhandler lurking in a doorway ‘Pssst, Hey, got any candy? Can I have some? Please?’ Followed by my best Puss In Boots impression….

Don't judge. I really wanted some candy.

Don’t judge. I really wanted some candy.

Now she usually just slips some candy into the pocket of my white coat every time I see her. (See what I mean? These gals, are special.), but today when I saw her she was eating her very last mini-Reeses. I had actually just eaten the lunch I packed for the day (Shocking, I know, except it was two PB&J sandwiches and cake donut with sprinkles I pilfered from the staff appreciation breakfast this morning. No actual cooking involved. Whew.), and I really didn’t *need* any candy, but she ran off to get me some anyway.

As I was explaining to the other nurses why she had run off like that, I watched a patient who was being checked in for another service approach in my peripheral vision. She appeared to be a slightly stressed out mom-type lady intent on the rooming process and oblivious to our conversation, but all the sudden she stopped in front of me, rummaged around in her bag, and handed me this…….


It was the most random, odd, and sweetest (literally) thing. I thanked her profusely. Partially for the candy, mostly for completely making my day.