Cheap Thrills

I bought my starter DSLR camera a couple years ago and I’ve started keeping it in my car to remind me to constantly be on the lookout for photographic opportunities. (Okay, and of the fact that I spent a relatively large chunk of indisposable income on it so I should actually freakin’ use it.)

It’s part of my Use Up All This Free Time Constructively Plan (with activities that cost as little as possible) to use it as often as possible the next month so, and I think I got a good start a few days ago. I had a half hour before I was to accompany The Writer to another Occupy Nurse, MD activity, it struck me that the light was just right (that magical dusky hour before the sun disappears for good, with a hint of misty overcastness), so I hopped in the hatchback and drove around town.

I’d scoped out a couple of the sights like the bridge and the laundromat over my time living here, while wandering around on walks and bike rides. I was going to take some pictures of another bridge in town, but the sun had sunk a little too low and the mists had risen a little too high for my liking, so I turned around and viola – a lovely little flower and statue garden I’d never paid attention to before caught my eye.

30 minutes, approximately 50 cents in gas, and five lovely pictures. Of lovely local things that people pass every day, day after day, without, perhaps, probably, really appreciating their loveliness. (The Writer has lived in this town for over a decade and wasn’t able identify where I had taken any of the pictures.)

At least, I think they’re lovely.

And I think it is so lovely that spending a one-time, relatively large chunk of indisposable income, on starter DSLR does that for me. Gives me endless hours of entertainment searching for and finding loveliness. Even in the every day, ordinary things and places that I am surrounded by, and might otherwise be oblivious to. A one-time investment for a lifetime of cheap thrills.

Totally worth it.