“Gimme my teeth back. You don’t appreciate them…I’m gonna have fun. ‘Cause there’s nothing wrong with who I am, and I like having fun at weddings, and I like dancing. And if you don’t like that, tough tater tots tooter. Jess is back.”

~ Jess (Zooey Deschanel), the New Girl

I’ve never really been able to fit in and meld with the mainstream. Honestly, I don’t even know how, never have, so I’ve never really tried. I think I’ve always enjoyed having to be myself on some level. It can be lonely and a little hurtful sometimes not to easily be accepted and enfolded by whatever population I’m surrounded by, but down deep, I relish being my weird, slightly off self. I like my weird music, movies, books and art, my smelly, furry pets, my questionable wardrobe choices, my smarts and mule-like stubbornness, my special brand of neuroses, my loud, obnoxious laugh, penchance for salty language and brutal honesty. In short, I love being a Geek Girl. I also love the special, select population of people I’ve met throughout my life who really appreciate my Geekitude, and live up to the label in grand fashion themselves.

All my life my unconscious heros have been other Geek Girls. I grew up watching and identifying with John Hughes’ Geek Goddesses, like Molly Ringwold in Pretty In Pink and Sixteen Candles, and Mary Stuart Masterson in Some Kind of Wonderful. Geek Girls, unable to blend even if they wanted to, unwilling because they knew their own awesomeness, even if no one else got it. Alas! There were others like me, and they were Geek Girls getting theirs.

Sensing her innate geekishness, I’ve always had a bit of girl crush on Zooey Deschanel. After the first episode of New Girl, I felt like I’d finally, really seen her being herself. A goofy, singing, crying, Dirty Dancing watching, crayola clothes wearing, fully grown Geek Girl, letting it all hang out, and loving it. I loved it too. Every awkward, embarrasing (for her unenlightened roommates), wholly original, kooky moment. Finally, a real Geek Girl representing in the new millennium.

Apparently, Jess’s appearance on the scene (i.e. a major network), is another manifestion of a bigger Geek Girl movement. I’ve always thought that these women, who embodify the idea of owning their originality are, the sh*t. It seems more people are finally cluing into that fact also. Who knows if it will last, and frankly, in fine Geek Girl form, I say who the h*ll cares. I’m just glad to know there are more women out there like me, a little bit off, definitely out of the ordinary, wholly unique, fully awesome, and proud of it.

So, Geek Girls of the World, unite. Take heart, and let your geek flag fly!!

New Girl, you rock my Geek Girl world......