Ten Awesome Things: Thursday Edition.

1.) Beavis & Butthead + Jersey Shore = Me finally laughing at both.


2.) My new Giant Purse/Work Tote/”Small” Second Carry-On Item.

Holy Humongous Handbag Batman!

*Not to mention, how great am I at efficiently packing carry-on luggage and navigating my way through random airports/cities/TSA obstacle courses now? Answer: WAY better than I ever thought I would (could or should be).


3.) This song. You cannot listen to it and not be happy. I don’t care who you are.


(4. – 7.) Classic Moments in the ER:


4.) Attending: “When in doubt pick Amiodarone. Oh yeah, and what the H*ll is ‘platypnea’??”

Me: “Or lupus, don’t forget the lupus, and uhhhhh, something about a platypus and OSA?”

Highly intellectual disscusion regarding a CME quiz.


5.) “Well. He’s kind of a dick.”

~ An (admittedly, erm, challenging) ER patient. Said *just* loudly enough as an (unnecessarily hostile) on call MD leaves the room.


6.) This sign, hanging at the ER workstation.

Pretty much sums up our motto around here.....


7.) Going to start an IV on a patient and realizing I can’t use their left arm. Because its handcuffed to the bed rail.


8.) Breakfast. Pizza. Day.


9.) This GEICO commercial. I’ve seen it like 500 times and it still kills me.


10.) Letters to Santa….

(From the local paper. Verbatim.)

“Dear Santa, This year I have been what my mother calls “a peach”, and I know I am on your “nice list” so for Christmas I would like to recive some of the following items: 1)Ipod touch 32 gb 2)100 dollars cash money 3)some milk and cookies for me 4)to be enrolled in Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizzardry 5)and a Truducken (duck inside a chicken inside a turkey) Thank you for your time and cooperation Sincerely Tom”

“Dear Santa I am 7 and I want my bruthr home from the arme. Hope you are fine my mom said i shod get col dont lisen to her. Dale”