What road trips are made of……..

I did manage to get a few pictures on the road over the weekend. We were on a pretty tight schedule getting to The Big City and back, but I did have to insist on stopping at a couple places.

I got this picture at a friend’s place. It was my first view of their digs and it made quite an impression to say the least. This person has a real knack for finding elderly landlords with mansions who like to rent rooms to residents for a song. Not bad buddy, not bad.

The rest of the pictures were taken on a pit stop on the way back. Tight schedule or no, we were on a road trip dangit, and I wasn’t going to miss the chance to get pictures of these bridges (yes, they are the bridges). I saw the sign for them on the way out, there they were right off the interstate on our way. Score! Stuff, and pit stops like these are what road trips are made of!

The Writer, bless their road weary, butt sore self, tolerated me stopping, but grew a tad impatient when I promptly got us lost and wasted an hour driving up and down gravel roads that didn’t even show up on my GPS. Hence, I only got pictures of two of the bridges. So I took full advantage of the opportunity and got shots using all different angles and filters on my camera. My time may have been limited, but I love the creative challenge of getting a good picture, and how you can use your camera to make a single scene look very different using different techniques.

Good times!