I also seem to be on roll with pictures. I took a bunch before I relinquished the camera, and I’m sure I’ll take a bunch more now that I have it back. I was actually going to give the camera to my brother to take home with him. I want him to have it. We already have unbreakable bonds of blood, intellect, humor and shared experiences that run deep and defy rational explanation, but I’d like to share this bond with him too.

He was actually a photographer long before I even considered something as impractical as picking up a camera in the name of something as fluffy as ‘art’ or ‘self-expression.’ (Hmph!)  When we were growing up, he was the sweet, reckless, daring, rebel dreamer, in perfect counterpoint to my overachieving, perfectionistic, practical, rule-abiding, authority figure pleaser.

As we’ve grown, the reckless dreamer put down his camera and has matured into a hard-working, responsible Man, while I’ve tapped and learned to appreciate my inner artist. My inner artist really wants to take up the local camera shop on the (unbelievably good, yet potentially not acceptable to my inner Fiscally Responsible Adult) special package deal for a new DSLR and three (three!) lenses they have been slobbering over wanting for some time.

And I want to give this camera, that has opened a world of joy and beauty, and wonderfully fluffy self-expression for me, to my brother. So we have something else to share, so the wonderful, conscientious, hard-working man, who dropped everything and flew across the country to be with me when I needed him, might remember his sweet, wild, also wonderful, inner boy.

In the meantime, my inner artist is happy to share…uh…our latest work with you……

Okay, the next several pictures are duplicates. When I asked The Writer which ones he liked best, he liked the color pictures. Naturally, I preferred the black and white’s with color extraction. I am really like the black and white’s with color extraction lately (obviously). So, I’m putting them both out there and you all can be the judge of which you like best. Also, it’s just cool how many ways there are to take pictures of one scene, etc. Love it.